Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kiters in the mist

Low misty clouds. The sun sifting through in breaks. We've kited over to stage Harbor, a little over a mile, on a fickle wind. Light, then strong, then light. The air is warm and moist.

Mother Nature waves her grey cloak across the sky.  Now you see the sky, now you don't. Fog washes over us. The harbor disappears. The wind picks up.

I'm racing through grey nothingness. I know the crew is here but I can't see them. I can't see anything. Then I'm surrounded by kites. We're moving together in a kind of choreography, like a pod of dolphins. It's a thrill.

The fog is eerie and sublime. I love it. We stay close to the shore, and to each other, weaving our kites, timing our jumps and turns, until someone signals to head back. We're careful not to leave anyone behind in the grey.

The mist has dissipated by the time we get back to Hardings. This was my second session of the day. I'm tired but happy. I don't want to stop. The fog session has put me into a kiting trance.

Buck Creek Marsh- For the finale to the day, I follow Dillon into The Buck Creek for a perfect set up. Astronomical high tide, silky smooth waist deep water right behind the beach. I do my last feeble jumps and crashes as the sun gets low, then pack up before a hazy sunset. This is one of those days when kiting feels like a gift. A grey, misty, foggy, sunny/cloudy, very satisfying gift.

Harding's Beach, Kitesurfed, SSW, SW, 10-25, 14M Rally/ Flx 138, with Frank, Dillon, Andre, Colleen, Sam, Jorge, Dennerson, Others.