Monday, September 24, 2012

Offshore, Onshore

Offshore wind, onshore waves. Smooth, steep, peeling waves. They're beautiful things. I'm a little late to the party, (drove back from Manhattan this morning), so I only get a few runs in before the wind checks out. It's still worth it for a couple rides on these dreamy waves.

I need more exercise.
After kicking myself for not bringing a surfboard, I paddle out to Egg Rock on a creaky old windsurfing board, admiring all the birds and bird droppings. I can't find a safe place for a moon landing anywhere on the tiny, poopy island. It's just as well. I get back to Nahant after sundown.

Nahant, Kitesurfed & Paddled, NW, 7-17, 17M Fat Lady/ Mako King, Solo.


Kitermike said...

A perfect example of a beautiful Fall Day at Nahant. I got to the beach about 8:15. NW wind tends to be a morning thing. Tide was low and still going out ....Looked at those beautiful waves....offshore....should I ? Minutes later the crew shows up....Johnny Hujol...Jean...Chris...Dani.....lots of surfers already out. Dani; Chris; and I opt to go on the windward side...wind is brisk but for how long? 3 hours later we come off the beach as the wind is coming down. In retrospect we are thinking we should have played in the waves as they are looking oh so pretty. Ah well...we had fun...Dani on his 10m Cabrina and me on my 12m RPM. We watch Hujol meandering through the perfect waves...such an artist

Another good day at the beach

scooper said...

Mike- Thanks for your perspective on the day! Nice report. I love Nahant in offshore winds, so fun, but I also worry. It's pretty risky. I.E. Paul got a ride in from a boat when the wind dropped, Andrey's kite fell out near the rocks in a lull and he almost made a kite sacrifice. I think you made the wiser choice.