Friday, February 10, 2012

Highs and Lows in P-Bay

Pee Bay

Teaser wind- Shifty, gusty. I had to walk it back twice, climbing up the rock wall, over the chain link fence, and walking back on the pedestrian path. Watch out for that fence! It'll shred your suit if you look at it wrong.

Low- WSW is no fun here. High- When it went SW and picked up, I got in the zone in the slick. Awright! This is what I came here for! Then the wind stranded us again.

Thanks for the loan of your old suit Walter. The last time (I hope). Jean, thanks for your assistance on my first walk of shame.

Pleasure Bay, Kitesurfed, SW, WSW, 12-28, 13M Octane/Flx136, with Walter, Jean, Kristoff, Jermy, Mike, others.