Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Sweltering Winters Day

Man it was a scorcher today! 55 degrees in the shade. I thought the sun was going to peel the paint right off my truck.

Another kiter called me a wimp for using a drysuit during a heat wave. I got even with him tho. I stripped down to my bottom layer of long underwear and was walking around barefoot in the parking lot when I was rolling up my kite, letting the sweat burn off. There was a certain locker room aura around my body, almost visible, extending out several hundred miles. The parking lot cleared out quickly after that.

Skimboard- I was on my skimmy again today, in ankle deep tidal pools. It's a little dangerous if you fall hard so I was being cautious, going slow. Someone blasted by me on a twin tip, heading out to deep water.

later I switched and found that if I keep the twin tip completley on edge it goes just as shallow as the skim board. The fins aren't even an issue when the board is that far on it's edge. But of course the minute you flatten the board out, the fins hit and you end up sitting on your ass in a bathtub.

First Encounter- Very solid wind today. Nice flat water session at low tide. It seemed like the wind had to blow across land to be good- Duxbury, Chapin, FE.

Kitesurfed, First Encounter, SSW, 12-20, 13M Octane/skimmy & Flx136, with Jermy, others.