Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gear Lackey

Sandy Neck Light

I loaded and unloaded my gear so many times today it made me dizzy.

Unload- Barnstable, no wind, out of the West. I take SUP board to the water.
Load- Wind shifts NW, picks up. I bring board back to truck, drive to Chapin.
Unload- Carry kite stuff to water, pump my 17M, run my lines, wind dies.
Load- Kite gear & board go back to the truck, I drive back to Barnstable.
Unload- SUP walked down to water, looks like wind is picking up.
SUP- I paddle out to Sandy Neck, ignoring the fact the wind has increased.
Load- After 2 hours paddeling I pack up SUP and go back to Chapin.
Unload- I pump up my 17 again and carry everything out across the sand bar.
Kite- I finaly get a session in! Just enough wind for my kite/surfboard combo.
Load- I walk it back across sand bar, say goodbye to a gorgeous summer day.

Lunch out at the tip of Sandy Neck

Amount of time spent loading/ unloading? Aproximatley 40 hours. How foolish did I feel? Very foolish. Was it worth it? Yup.