Sunday, July 17, 2011

Biking, Kiting, and Windsurfing, oh my

I love adventures! Lately I've been planning coastal downwinders that combine exploration with kiting, windsurfing, biking, sailing, SUP, or anything else that moves. As if doing a great sport like kiting or windsurfing by itself isn't enough.

Maybe I have a little of that novelty-seeking gene that gets mentioned every time a politician does something stupid, which is all the time. I think I'm channeling it into less destructive behavior tho. Like kitesurfing with Great White sharks. Same excitement as illicit sex, (I'm guessing), less risk. I think Dominique S-K should learn to kite. If all politicians kited there would be no sex scandals, but more crossed lines.

Biking- 12 miles, took 1 hour on mountain bike going slow, with stiff head wind, (no complaints). Harding's to W Dennis.

Kiting- It's so relaxing going downwind, no worries... My legs started to cramp before we even left for the downwinder, something to do with riding 12 miles on a bike first. Wind was gusting to 30 when we started, maxing out my 13M kite. Near Forrest Beach my footstrap came loose and was flapping in the wind. I couldn't do any more jumps until I found someone on a beach with a screwdriver, minor problem. The kiting was a blast. Loved the adventure! 12 miles took 4 hours 'cause we were savoring it. Downwinder, W Dennis to Harding's, WSW, 15-30, 13M Octane/Mako150, with Gregor.

Windsurfing- I went out around sunset for a brief overpowered session. My plan was to prolong the fun and avoid Cape traffic. I thought I could leave late to get home early. Didn't work. The bridge was backed up to exit 3 at 9:45.

A couple of cars in the parking lot turned their lights on during my last few runs, helped me see where the beach was for my inside gybe.

Nice to be back on a windsurfer but tiring. And I was going way too fast. There's no depower strap! Windsurfed- W Dennis, WSW, 19-30, 5.2/Realwind 85, solo.