Friday, March 18, 2011

Back in the Windsurfing Saddle

I only come to the beach for the sunsets

It's safe to go windsurfing again! Mitten season is done. Glacier Glove season is here. I can grip a boom with Glacier Gloves. Sorry, Greg M, I know you use Glacier Gloves all Winter long. My hands are wimps.

Duxbury- was beautiful, warm, sunny, and as gusty as a bean eating contest. It was so tropical I didn't even need Glacier Gloves. I needed more water though. It was the lowest tide I've ever seen there. The bay was mostly dry. It was only deep enough in narrow channels that I was crossing in about 1 second. So... I was trying to read the gusts and lulls, jumping in and out of the harness and footstraps, waiting for my fin to slam the edges of the sandbars in the muddy water, and thinking how great it was to be back windsurfing. This is a sign of true love. I'll probably kite tomorrow.

Duxbury Bay, Windsurfed, WNW, 10-40, 4.2/Acid94, Solo.