Sunday, September 12, 2010

Imaginary White Caps

I see white caps when nobody else can. It's a special talent that I have, like x-ray vision.

Frank's Slingshot- There really were white caps when I borrowed Frank's new Slingshot Octane 13 and his Door64. They were tiny but they were there. I loooved this set up for light winds! The kite felt so stable and predictable, beautiful! The board floats forever thru the lulls but I did notice that it was tiring in the chop, a lot back foot pressure needed since it has no rocker, (like my ply boards), and I got some face spray from water off my front foot. I think this was the low end of this rig. It was getting hard to fly it thru the 10MPH lulls.

Mad Cow- The wind got too light for anyone in their right mind to launch, so I did. There were occasional mini white caps. I saw them so they were there. I got a short session in before I dropped my Flysurfer in a lull and made a mess. Again this seemed like the low end of my rig/board combo. The Mad Cow was so floaty I could have no power in the kite and still be standing. I had no face spray problems and I could put weight on both of my feet. I'm starting to like this crazy board.

Picture- Look at all those white caps!

Revere, Kitesurfed, ENE, 10-17, Slingshot Octane 13M/ Door 64, then ENE, 8-15, 15M Flysurfer/Mad Cow with Frank, Paul, Flo, Colleen, Others.