Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weather Trap

The weather today was a trap. I couldn't get out until late but it was gonna be sunny and windy all day so no worries. I didn't realize it was a trap until I drove 2 hours to Hardings to see no wind and everyone packing up. I was caught. Lots of friends were there having a good laugh at me for pulling in after the session was done and over. It was nice of me to come by just to help them pack up...

So I went for a SUP, exploring Bucks Creek Marsh, until the wind picked up a little. Of course I raced back to the truck, pumped up a kite, and got fooled again because it started to rain and the wind died before I could launch. Another trap. Having to pack my kite up in a downpour was a nice touch. I love these little cosmic jokes that life plays on us.

Hardings, SUP on windsurfing board with kayak paddle.