Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dr Scooper's Kite Cure for Messed Up Backs

Unknown kiters taking The Kite Cure at Hardings

I don't know what makes me happier. That the kiting conditions were great today, or that my herniated disc, which flared up this weekend, didn't feel terrible while I was kiting. It actually felt a little better, and still does. Could be from all the Advil I've been popping.

Or maybe kiting is a cure for bad backs! There are probably some happiness chemicals that our brains release while kiting or windsurfing that anesthetizes painful spinal cords. That means that we could save $ on medical care by kiting more! This is a significant discovery for the future of kiting/windsurfing marriages. A financial incentive to get wet could make a big difference for some of us guilty husband types. Now, the question is, will anyone believe me?

Hardings, Kitesurfed, 18-25, SW, 10M Bularoo, 132 Ply Board, with Ron, Des, Luke, Frank, Peter, Florian, Rob, Andre, Colleen, Dennerson, others.