Saturday, March 13, 2010

Windsurfing is Back!

So is my golfer's elbow but I had fun until my arms locked up.

This was my first planing windsurfing session in 6 months. The main reason I've been doing so much kiting- it's a lot easier on my forearms. I've been trying to lose this tendonitis.

The Cut- was pretty good. I was on my smallest gear, 3.5 & 85 liters, sometimes a little underpowered, sometimes super wound up. Jerry E & Peter were out there getting the best of it with 4.2's. The waves were pretty friendly, not too big, probably because it was high tide. The tide changed during the session and the outgoing tide would have made me nervous except that Jerry and Peter were usually further out than I was. With the E wind you could do 1 long run and make it all the way into the bay to the point by Scatteree Landing. On the outside end, the waves on the S point sandbar were really fun because you could just go into the edge of them and look for 1 to play with but by the time I discovered that my arm strength was about gone.

Waterman in Training- It was nice to meet Jason, "Shook". He started kiting in October but is already kiting The Cut on the outgoing tide, dead onshore wind, high tide shorebreak, close to 40 MPH wind. He's got the waterman in his genes!

The Cut, Windsurfed, 23-37+, E, RealWind 85/ 3.5 sail, Jerry, Peter, Shook (on kite)


Anonymous said...

Glad you got your Fix Steve! All this while many of us where battling water in our basements. Stay in touch as the fins are well sanded and ready to hit the watta on my end! O.

scooper said...

Yeah, our basement didn't flood until Monday, water is still pouring in, even though the rain stopped yesterday. A little windsurfing or Kiting will make me forget all about it!