Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kalmus or Carribean?

Kalmus/ Lagoon

Kalmus- E wind was side-off but it was low tide, shallow, super smooth water, about as gusty as Wack Bay, pretty safe. With my sunglasses on, the water had a turquoise color with a few brown spots of seaweed growth, looked like a beautiful tropical lagoon.

Stupidly Underpowered- I was on my 10M kite because my big kites have disappeared into the Bermuda triangle of kite repair. I was on my smallest board because it was blowing 18 to 28 when I pumped up and I was too stupid to get my larger boards out just in case. The wind was slowly decaying. So I did mini downwinders, then 1 long one, landing at the next dock over from what I think was the Kennedy compound. It was about a 1/2 hour walk back but it was such a nice day that I enjoyed that too.

First Carve to Toeside- I actually like these conditions for trying stuff. I've been scared to try carving because I keep picturing myself catching an edge and doing a jarring face plant like the one I did wakeboarding last Fall. It took a few months for my neck and shoulder to recover from that one. So I tried to sneak up on myself and do a carve without thinking about it. The carve didn't seem too hard! Pumping to keep myself on plane on toeside was hard, and not successful.

First Jump Transitions (on purpose)- I waited for a gust, sheeted out, sent the kite the other way, pulled in hard and told my brain to jump. It worked! I got 1 inch off the water! I did a few of these baby jump turns.

Windsurfing and Kiting canceled on the Cape- They'll still let you do it. They just won't let you leave. Bridge work has resumed until about Memorial Day. I spent 1 1/2 hours waiting in line to cross the bridge in the early afternoon.

Kitesurfed, Kalmus, E 14-23, 10M Bularoo/ 132 Ply board, Solo.