Sunday, September 6, 2009

Total Body Muscle Cramp

I windsurfed in the morning until my arms cramped up, then kited in the afternoon until my legs cramped up. It was perfection in muscle cramps. I didn't neglect any small part of my body.

Chapin was a huge kiting/windsurfing party on the beach! This is only half.

Windsurfing- I made the long walk out to the water to start but I was just 1 person in the parade of windsurfers and kiters crossing the sand bar. The windsurfing felt so nice, with the side shore wind and Chapin's small wind waves. I practiced going down the line a little and even tried a couple loop attempts.

Kiting- From 2 hours after high tide to 4 hours after, Chapin was a giant bathtub, perfect for baby kiters! There was nothing around except shallow, flat water, and sand bars, very safe and easy. I was up and riding, and completed 1 slide turn without crashing or sinking! The new fins fixed the slipping out problem I was having with my cheapo ply board.

This day was about as good as it gets!

Windsurfed, NE, 15-23, Acid 94/5.7, with Chris, Sergey.
Kited, ENE, 8-18, 12 kite/152 ply board, with Frank, Jamie & Robin, Sandie, Sammy.


Snowy Guy said...

Oh, my gawd, what a horror show!!!! That's my worse kitemare in that photo.

scooper said...

Some people liked the crowd and some didn't. I liked the summertime party atmosphere on the beach. On the water I didn't experience much crowding, less than at Waq Bay because Chapin is so much bigger.

Snowy Guy said...

Kiting requires socialization when a novice. If you want to keep your risks of injury down, you must avoid self-launching. However, beach crowding has serious drawbacks and dangers.