Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busted by Tropical Depression Danny, then not

Extra Tropical Depression Danny- Closed down many local beaches but otherwise was unremarkable. Here's a partial list of closings- Nahant, Revere, Nantasket, Horseneck, The Cut.

Nauset Light Beach- I ended up with Jerry, Barry and a merry crew of kiters at Nauset Light Beach. I watched them having fun in the waves while they watched me schlogging on my windsurfer. It was supposed to be windy on the outer Cape! They were right about the torrential rain though. Waves were about shoulder high but I never got out that far. The wind was pretty onshore, not ideal direction.

West Dennis- On the way home I drove thru a sudden burst of wind. The trees along the highway were doubled over backwards and the truck was bouncing around like some massive hand was slapping it. IWindsurf said it was blowing up to 53 at Kalmus. This was what I came for! I made a beeline for the nearest beach and got about an hour powered up at West Dennis, flat water. It was good to be powered but I really missed those waves at Nauset.

Nauset Light Beach, Windsurfed, ESE, E, 10-20, 5.7/ Acid94, Jerry, Barry, others.

West Dennis Beach, Windsurfed, S, 16-28, 5.2/ RW85, Chris E, others.


Snowy Guy said...

That's what Hurricane sailing is like. The flooding was so bad hereabouts that I took a short trip for milk and spent the rest of the day inside.