Friday, July 24, 2009

Living-is-Easy Summertime Wavesailing

The waves were friendly and well-behaved once I got to know them, unknown surfer

Windsurfing again- I snuck a brief, weekday windsurfing session in today, in waves, and it felt sooo good. It was a nice reminder of how it feels to do a sport that I actually have some experience in. Learning kiting is very humbling. Wavesailing can be humbling too. I can get my butt kicked on a big day, but not today. This was living-is-easy Summertime wavesailing. It was soul satisfying.

Wingaersheek Notes- My first time sailing here. This place is a wave playground in NNW! Very forgiving, easy but fun waves. It's port tack out but with an interesting wrap over the sand spit at mid tide for some starboard jumps. Easy shorebreak 1 hour after high tide, but this might be different when the waves are bigger. The tide was ferociously ripping out giving me a boost upwind on every run as I crossed the channel. At mid tide, the waves were breaking out almost as far as the eye could see. I'd love to explore this spot some more. Best wind is probably NNW, N. I'd try it in NW but the wind is probably very dirty on the inside, especially at high tide. I've heard that NE is bad. I wore my drysuit but the water wasn't as icy as I expected for the north shore.

Wingaersheek Beach, Windsurfed, 14-24, NNW, 6.2/Acid94, Solo


Snowy Guy said...

Is that photo from the Wingaersheek Beach? I haven't been there since my teen years. I was out at WB yesterday. A very gusty wind, I was able to get into the straps with an 8.4. One kiter came along, and I took a break. Then, I volunteered to help the guy launch as I was worried with the gusts that he might have a mishap at the first beach self-launching. He had to untangled his lines at the bar which left me holding the 13 meter kite for a while. I had to struggle with it given the gusty conditions. These things are so dangerous in unskilled hands like mine, but he went off alright.

scooper said...

The photo is Wingearsheek, 1 hour after high tide. There were a couple of guys with surfboards, no wetsuits, playing around in the waves. They didn't stay out for long.

Where do you launch at W Bay? The first lot? I think the walk at the second lot would be a pain with windsurfing gear. Or maybe you have private access somewhere.

Snowy Guy said...

Most windsurfers use the first lot. There's a grassy area that's currently wet where one can rig. The tides have been rather high lately and a break has allowed the bay water to spill into the rigging area. Nevertheless, a sole sailor can find enough space there, and it dries out usually. After seeing the photo of Wingearsheek again, I recognize the place.