Saturday, November 22, 2008

A hint of Winter

I know of 2 guys that were planning on sailing today in the subfreezing temperatures. It was 20 degrees this morning when I was driving up to Josh's school in New Hampshire for parents weekend. There was frost along the side of the road, most of the small ponds were skimmed over with ice and there was a dusting of snow on the access road to the school. This is a hint of things to come.

During the drive north, my mind was wandering back to last weekends sailing adventure at Deep Hole. Here's one more look.

Graham Ezzy does Deep Hole

I heard that some of the pictures that I took during my brief photo break last Sunday were of pro Graham Ezzy. Who knew? Maybe I should have taken more time to watch and shoot pictures. Nah, I was having too much fun out there.

Personal highlight from last Sunday- I was doing a sloppy cutback at the top of a wave. I turned sharp, to head straight down, and I found myself looking at someone bottom turning below me, a little out in front on the same wave. Oh, ***! Where did you come from? I cut to the left to avoid a train wreck but I felt a little stupid for not knowing that he was there. This was a first. I've never had to look behind me before, to see if someone is sharing a wave with me going down the line. This is little ol' New England. Most of the time the waves aren't big enough for more than 1 turn anyway. I can enjoy the memory now, on this cold non-sailing weekend, especially since we didn't collide. Is it too much to ask for another day like that soon? Probably.