Sunday, November 16, 2008

DEEP HOLE, windsurfed, mostly W,WNW,WSW, 15-35, 31-43, 5.2 & 4.2/ RW85, with Chris, Sergey, Mitch, Fred, Scott, Davide, Graham, others

Davide Giardini going down the line

O.K. I did an estimate this morning, pitched to Ben a little, and caught the tail end of a fantastic day at Deep Hole. Got on the water 2 days in a row! I'm feeding my inner beach bum.

Deep Hole Delivery- Big waves, sideshore wind, relatively warm water & air, nice group of sailors on the water, and the sun even peaked out from behind the clouds to illuminate the lines of spray blowing off the tops of the waves. This was one of my best days at Deep Hole! The wind was crazy up and down sometimes, light on the inside, howling outside, but I'm not complaining. I think it was when the wind had a little more north in it that it got really crazy. I guess WNW for Deep Hole is like catnip for a cat. Even a little makes it wild.

Got pounded- I was happy to find that the waves weren't too punishing even though they were about head to logo high. When the wind was really light on the inside, some sets would catch 2 or 3 guys heading out and just mow them down, it happened to me plenty, but I didn't see a yard sale of broken gear in the parking lot. Towards the end, when I was on my 4.2, the wind was steadier, (a little more WSW), and there was plenty of it. Getting out was easy. The waves during my mast breakage last March were probably about this size but pitching heavier and with less breaks in between the sets. Today's version was just right.

Hard to watch- I only stopped to watch and take pictures for about 10 minutes because it wasn't a day to squander. I could have spent hours taking photos. There was an impressive level of sailing happening. I saw some great freestyle right in the waves, care of Chris, Sergey, and Davide, a massive forward loop from somebody, and some of the smoothest waveriding I've seen. It didn't look like your typical day in little ol' New England.


Nathaniel said...

Hey nice pictures. Sunday was amazing. If you could forward some along that would be awesome my email is We have some good ones as well. I may have got video of you later in the day as well. What sail were you on. I think that blue sail was Graham Ezzy, really amazing to watch sail

Andy said...


Looks great up there, glad you caught it!