Sunday, May 4, 2008

WEST DENNIS, Windsurfed, ESE, SE, 10-30, 50 F temp, RW85/ 5.2, Acid 94/ 6.2, Chris, Sergey, Gerry, Jean, others.


I left the house at 6:00 am, to catch some early bird winds. I felt a little foolish, driving down to the Cape that early in the morning on a cold rainy day. When I got to West Dennis, at 7:30, there were already 3 guys on the water with Sergey videotaping the action. That made me feel better. Being around other obsessive windsurfer and kiter types makes me feel normal. Not that being normal is necessarily the highest achievement one can hope for in life.

Port Loops- I tried a few port tack loops, not even close. I had a much harder time going for it than on starboard. My brain was getting in the way of my head.

West Dennis- SE isn't as much fun here as S. The chop got pretty big out near the rock island at high tide for port tack hopping, although I think low tide is probably still nicer for the variety of conditions.

Thanks for the duck jibe pic, Jean.

After the Wind


jean said...

Yeah, I think the windswell is sweeter at low tide.

Jean said...

Steve, you are far too humble. You need to blow up and crop that duck jibe and place it front and center! I love the windless marsh - beautiful landscape at WDB

scooper said...

Hey, thanks for the comment about the duck jibe! To be honest, most of my duck jibes were a little off yesterday. This one looks pretty good except that I think I was late on the throw. Did I complete it? There's nothing like a picture to show what you're doing right and wrong.

I loved recieving this pic! I had no idea it was being taken.

Regarding humble- sailing occasionaly with guys like Chris and Sergey keeps my head reasonably small.

Yeah, I think low tide generally makes for smaller but steeper ramps, plus the flat shallow water on the inside is fun.

Jean said...

You did complete that jibe. Glad I could sneak up on you with the camera.

Thursday looks possibly juicy...

When the tide is high at WDB, it's just lumpy.