Saturday, April 26, 2008

SCARBOROUGH BEACH, Landboarded, E 10-15, Solo

Baseball- Ben had a morning Little League Game that I wanted to watch. I knew that I was missing some wind but felt that being there for the game was more important.

Windsurfing- When I finally got to the beach, there were 5 kiters out, but in the time that it took me to get into my drysuit, the wind dropped off and everyone came in, or wished they had. My drysuit came right back off again.

Landboard Police- Not to be daunted, I rigged a 4.2 and landboarded in the parking lot until a park ranger wheeled up to tell me that I was violating the law by using anything with wheels, without a motor, in a state park. Cars, trucks, & motorcycles O.K. Wind powered vehicles not O.K. It's just to protect others, safety first.

Aunt Carrie's
Sail Chi- Not to be daunted, I took my 4.2 to the beach and practiced Petra Kanz's famous, "sail chi". This was actually pretty fun. I impressed myself by completing some moves that I had never even tried before. I think I could be a pretty good windsurfer if I always did it without water. I even made my loops, all of them, no problem.

Aunt Carrie's- After the excitement of dry land training wore off, I drove over to Aunt Carrie's Restaurant to check out a little-used wave sailing site. I see why it's little-used, almost no parking, rocky launch, probable wind shadow in SW. I guess it could work in NE when Scarborough is closed for the season. It didn't look like a hidden gem, although I like the way the picture of the access road came out.

Baseball Gene = Windsurfing Gene- I think I see a parallel between baseball and windsurfing, something that makes it seem possible that a genetic predisposition for one could transfer to the other, like father, like son. It's this- both sports are similar in that you never know what's going to happen next. The good, the bad, and the unexpected can occur at any moment, whether it's a sudden change in wind, waves, state park laws, or a change in the path of that little ball. It can shift from disaster to euphoria and back again, in the blink of an eye. And it's the hope that perfection, (perfect wind & waves, a perfect game,) or something close, waits around the corner that keeps us coming back for more. In other words, the baseball gene and the windsurfing gene are probably the same gene. One day Ben will realize this and take to windsurfing like he has to baseball. Maybe. I'd play baseball but I'm too old for Little League, and the Red Sox haven't shown any interest yet.

Baseball = Windsurfing


Jean said...

Strong Easterlies today, Point Judith is reading 28. That meter is usually optimistic by, what, 5 knots? What would be your launch of choice in that area? Scarborough would be dead on-shore, would Deep Hole be any good? Have you ever sailed Ninigret on the outside? Maybe Second Beach.

scooper said...

I don't know, plenty of wind. I've heard that Deep Hole is good in SE but I'm not sure about E. My guess is that the wind would be clean enough but you might not get any waves. I don't know the Newport beaches well enough to comment on those. Scarborough is dead on in E, like you say. Camp Cronin Fishing Area could be worth looking at, if you can get out to some decent swell or waves.

Frankly, I'd probably think about the cut, Nantasket,or Sagamore area, (I've heard it's good in E).

Hope you can get out somewhere. Let me know if you do.

scooper said...

Oh Yeah, I've sailed Ninigret on the outside a couple of times, big shorebreak, big chop, no ridable waves, not my favorite.

Jean said...

Sunday morning could be juicy, a meditation session with the wind gods, perhaps? Easterlies. Chatham? or Newport Second Beach? Which town are you driving from?

scooper said...

I can't figure out which day will be better. It's a little hard for me to pass up the wind we have right now, but almost everyone I know is planning on sailing tomorrow, so I geuss I will too. There is a group going to West Dennis, which is pretty nice bump & jump in SE. If I knew that someone was going to the cut I would consider that, otherwise I'll probably do W.D. What's Newport like in SE? sideshore wind, port jump? side-off or side-on? What are you planning?

I leave from just west of Boston.

Jean said...

I'm thinking about either Newport Second Beach, or Taylor Lane in Little Compton. Call me when you head out 617.974.6308