Saturday, March 22, 2008

KALMUS, Windsurfed, W,WSW,WNW 10-24, 6.2/Carve 123, Solo

So-so session- Got 1 hour of solid planing on big gear, sailing out by the tip of Great Island. Then I chased gusts and practised light wind stuff for a few hours, closer in to Kalmus. The waves off of Great Island don't usually get very big, but today they were microscopic.

Kalmus, looking towards Great Island

Safety kit with spare fin

Kalmus vs Harding's- I had planned on going to Harding's Beach to catch the west wind but found myself at Kalmus, mostly because it's a shorter drive. Lousy choice. Harding's wind was much steadier and the wind lasted all morning & afternoon according to IWindsurf meters. I think that I'm going to take Kalmus off my list of preferred locations in a straight W.

Fin saver- I broke a fin, about a year ago, on the rocks around Great Island, (1 1/2 miles out), so I carried a spare mini-fin this time just in case. This mini-fin is just an old plastic fin that I cut down to fit in my safety kit. See, I'm not really as reckless and crazy as all my neighbors say.
Cold Feet- This is big news. I've been using my prolimit booties, with thick neoprene liners, for the last few sessions but my feet have been cold and the booties don't seem completely impervious to the duct taping. So I switched back to my O'Neill 7 mm with my thinner sealskin socks. My feet were a little warmer, I only gave them the warm-water-in-the-cooler-bath once, and the O'Neills are tough enough for taping. I want this day to be remembered in footwear history.