Sunday, March 9, 2008

DEEP HOLE & REFUGE HARBOR, windsurfed, W, 15-40, 4.2, 5.2/ RW 85, Solo, Air Temp 35-42

I jinxed myself! This is an email I sent to a friend before I went windsurfing-

"Yeah, I don’t think I would go in without a good drysuit, especially with the west wind at Deep Hole. I figure that I need to be able to stay warm for about a 1/2 hour to an hour in the water if I have a problem and get blown away from the point. Lots of people say they’ve washed up on East Matunuck Beach for one reason or another. It’s probably just a matter of time until that happens to me."

This is what happened, on my second run-

From on top of the rock wall, looking back towards Deep Hole

A wave snapped my mast and I got washed away from the point. I didn't go all the way to East Matunuck Beach. I came ashore in the middle of the rock wall. It wasn't a very user friendly landing but it worked-

The base of the rock wall, nice landing

I got a ride back to the truck from a kayak surfer, Carl, that I had been chatting with in the parking lot before I took my long swim. Thanks for letting me in your new car, saltwater and all, (I sat on a dog blanket)!

After that I didn't want to risk damaging another rig, or anything else, so I packed up and went inside Refuge Harbor. I launched from Camp Cronin Fishing Area, near the lighthouse, and sailed upwind to the edge of a gentle, south-swell break that those-in-the-know call K59. I think it's closer to get there by sailing down from Roger Wheeler Park but I took a wrong turn, ended up at the lighthouse, and decided that I would be different, sail upwind instead of down.

Deep Hole Wave

How did this happen? Mast breakage I mean, besides the fact that I jinxed myself with my prophetic email. I was hit by a big, meaty wave when I was down in the water. I thought that I was outside the break so I was taking my sweet time, resting, thinking about how good it is to be alive, floating in waterstart position. Then this unfriendly wave jacked up, out of nowhere, with my mast's name written all over it. The swim/paddle in took about 30 minutes I guess. I actually made it in to the point, at first, but the current swept me off into the hole before I was shallow enough to get some traction. At least I learned that my drysuit will keep me toasty for a leisurely late-winter swim.

Waves- The waves were the biggest I've seen here for a west wind, (sideshore). The strong south wind overnight, (30-40 mph), and morning high tide created some big sets. Mitch said the buoy reports were 8 to 10 ft. From what I hear, they really died down at Deep Hole as the tide went out, although they stayed big at the lighthouse until dark.

Picture- Unknown surfer
at the lighthouse.

Sunset surfer at Pt. Judith lighthouse

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Sergey Andreev said...

hey. sorry to hear about your mast. was it nolimitz skinny?

I just flew in from miami yesterday. ended up going to kalmus for a short session. quite cold after florida (

scooper said...

Welcome back from the warm south.

Yes, nolimitz skinny 370. Do you know of anyone selling half a mast?

Jean said...

Steve, you are a sick dude! Deep Hole is becoming a mecca, can't wait to check it out!

Carl said...

Your email address fell from my pocket Sunday. Are you still interested in getting some pictures of your surfing at Deep Hole? Got a bunch all photoshopped. I sent an email to you off the iwindsurf reply function...not sure if you got it.

scooper said...


I hope you mean sick in a good way. If there is a good way.

Let me know when you're ready to get out there. We'll go break some masts together.


Sure, I’d love to see the pics! I hadn’t noticed that I got an IWindsurf message but it was there when I looked for it (they don’t have a good function to notify you about new messages). I really appreciate your help on Sunday! Maybe I can reciprocate some time, although I don’t want to jinx you by suggesting that you might get equipment damage. It seems like just thinking about it makes it happen.

This sport is always an adventure. I would imagine that it has that in common with surf kayaking.

Thanks again.