Sunday, February 10, 2008

Deep Hole, Windsurfed, W, SSW, WSW, 20-54?, Mitch, Blake, Steve, 4.2 & 3.5/RW 85, 42-38 air temp. 41 water temp.

Stress cleaner- I had a stressful week. Is there anything more humbling than being the parent of a teenager? I know, I know, being the parent of two teenagers. I'll find out about that in a few years. Anyway, my urge to sail was pretty high on the Want-O-Meter because I had this frustration and angst to clean out. So I made the best of less-than-best conditions. It did the trick. I came home smiling.

Conditions- It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon with three of us out on small boards and sails having a good time, not bothering anyone. Then, before we knew it, some black, streaky clouds appeared on the horizon, like an ugly frown. As the clouds approached the wind notched up into the, "oh *****", range, chasing everyone out of the pool, (IWindsurf showed gusts over 50 but who knows). We got course sand blowing down the beach, heavy snow blowing sideways, and side-off wind. Then the clouds passed, the wind shifted back, and dropped off until the next band of clouds appeared on the horizon and it started to build again, to be repeated several times to varying degrees. I was mostly overpowered, underpowered, or sitting on the beach waiting for the perfect moment in the build/diminish cycle. I got a few perfect moments, like below, but they were fleeting. My guess is that only someone who really, really needed a windsurfing session would have enjoyed this day.

A jump to remember- As I drove home I found myself dwelling on one particular jump. It was a little different from most of my jumps. I was slightly overpowered on the 4.2, dead sideshore wind in the 30-40 MPH range. I hit a good wave as it crested, and went for it. When I leveled out, at the top of the jump, I felt myself drifting sideways, pushed by the wind, while still moving forward. I've felt a little sideways drift before but never as much as this. I felt like a feather in a gale. It made me very aware of the power of the wind under the board. It was a little scary but fascinating, and fun. I'm sure it increased my hang time. I completed my arc, landed O.K., and came away thinking about that flying, drifting feeling. I'd like some more of that please. I think that one jump was probably worth the price of admission.

Top picture- The calm after the squall.
Mid Picture- Mitch. "Where did the wind go"?
Bottom picture- Mitch. Nukin' wake!


James Douglass said...

Great pictures! Looks like you were riding in some really gnarly conditions. How do you like that RealWind board?

scooper said...

I love the RealWind board! It's made for control in high wind and rough water. By far, my favorite set up is that board and a 4.2. I think the thrusters help when it's getting crazy on the water and my form is slipping.

That said, it felt a little big at times on Sunday and a few other times this past winter/Fall. The other guys were on 75 to 78 liter boards at the peak. I switched down to a 3.5 for awhile but then I was slightly underpowered (nobody sailed at the height of the squalls). It was really just an issue of the water being too rough on the outside for my board speed. I want to get another RealWind- 75 liters, for these big days.