Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Deep Hole Directions & Details

Deep Hole, Low Tide, Looking South, Launch Area

Launch- If it's your first time sailing here you should ask others about the best place to launch through the rocks. At low tide it's easier to see the layout. The rocky land sticks out to the right and to the left with a deeper place in the middle where most people launch. Starting in the middle in waist deep water is usually fine at any tide. This is where you'll be if you walk straight down from the left end of the parking lot. When sailing back in don't sail in too far on the right side, (west), of the launch. There are a few larger rocks there that may be near the surface in waist to chest deep water. The left side, (east), and the middle are mostly small rocks, relatively safe to sail in shallow.

Deep Hole, Near High Tide, Looking South, Launch Area

Boring Details- Booties are a must for walking across the rocks. Best waves are at high tide and incoming tide. Any south direction will build up waves. S & SE are reported to build the nicest swells. SW builds wind waves, although they can still get big. W is sideshore, great for waveriding but you need left over waves from the SW, S, or SE. NW to NE are very gusty, offshore, not recommended. S, SW, W are starboard tack heading out.

Deep Hole, Near High Tide, Looking East, Point Break, Good Sailing

Hazards- Rocks, waves, and it's easy to get blown downwind away from the point. People and equipment have been hurt here. Waves are often small to medium but can get mast high. It can be hard to get out in S, SW, (onshore wind), when the waves are medium to big. It can be very choppy on the outside in strong winds. If you blow downwind you can make it to a beach and walk back but you may need to avoid the rock wall, if waves are reaching it. You can sail downwind of the point, to the east, (in SW or W), to take a break from the waves, as long as you have enough power to sail upwind to get back. That's where the actual deep hole is.

Deep Hole, Near High Tide,
Looking West, Don't Launch Here

Directions- In Massachusettes take Rt. 95 south into R.I. Go thru Providence, take Rt 4 south, (left side exit). Rt 4 turns into Rt 1. Follow Rt. 1 past Pt. Judith and East Matunuck State Beach, take exit for Matunuck Beach Rd., (left side exit), this will put you on Rt. 1 north briefly, then take right side exit for Matunuck Beach Rd. The road goes to the ocean and then turns left to follow the beach. When the paved road takes a sharp left away from the water, continue straight towards dirt Rd, (still Matunuck Beach Rd). A small dirt parking lot will be on the right with a small sign saying Deep Hole Fishing Area. Park at the far end of the lot. 1 1/2 hour drive from Boston area.

Deep Hole, Matunuck


Nathaniel said...

E to NE is the best waveriding direction here. Hope to see you in the spring

scooper said...

I've never tried it in NE or E. It looks like it would be good from the map. My port tack jumping is an embarrassment though.