Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nahant/Lynn, Land-boarded, ESE, 0-10, 5.2/landboard

Great Location for the land-board in an east wind! Wide, hard, smooth beach, crowds weren't too bad down at the far end. I got there fairly late in the day to catch 2 hours before 6:00pm low tide, only $3 to park. Somebody told me there was a sign saying NO LAND-BOARDS and that the police sometimes enforce it but I had no problem. There were 2 guys out on "landboards?" with kites. The lifeguards were so far down the other side of the beach that I couldn't even see them. Wind was light to very light with some stretches of complete calm. One of these days I'll get out in some decent wind again. Just to the north was another beach that could be good for the land-board, Kings Beach. There are no lifeguards, on street parking. I'd also heard that there are tidal flats on the inside of the causeway at Nahant, starting at the boat launch. There are some bars there at low tide but they are not very accessible or very big. They didn't look land-board friendly.


PeconicPuffin said...

Landboarding...AND on wet asphalt? Please tell me you're wearing a helmet!

scooper said...

Hey, that's not asphalt. It's the beach. I have a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow protection but I wasn't going fast enough to don the body armor on this particular day. Too bad.

Snowy Guy said...

Actually, the name of that beach on maps is >>The Lynn Beach<<. Windsurfers call it Nahant which is incorrect.