Sunday, August 5, 2007

Crows Pasture, Landsailed, N 10-15, Solo, Landboard/4.2

Dry Land sailing; The winds were light this weekend so I had the bright idea of heading to Chapin, low tide, for some land sailing on the tidal flats. The only problem was that Chapin was full by 10:00. So was Mayflower and Corporation. I ended up at Crows Pasture Conservation Area, parking on the side of a dirt road and walking my gear in. The smoothest and hardest sand was all the way across the bar to the waters edge, more walking. There were numerous soft spots and areas with deep ripples but it was still sailable, boardable?. Next time I could try letting some air out of the tires for the soft areas. I went for a long cruise to Cold Storage Beach and back. There were plenty of little tidal inlets that I had to cross. When I hit them at speed, the water splashed up in a shower. By the end the board was completely cemented with wet sand. I got some "planing" duck jibes on the hard smooth sections. Had a long walk back after the tide came in because I had to go where the sand was too soft to roll. It turned out to be a lot of effort for a pretty short session. The Cape beaches are a people magnet on a hot summer day. The 4-wheel drive crowd at Crows Pasture was amazing- probably 100 to 200 cars spread out on the beach. They all had to bunch together when the tide came in. Picture- salt marsh at Crows Pasture.