Sunday, October 22, 2017

Casco Bay

Oct 3rd- My right eye develops 3 tears in the retina due to a vitreous detachment gone wrong. A little laser surgery mostly fixes it up but it needs time to heal. No kiting, jogging, mountain climbing, working out for 8 weeks. Ouch!

Oct 22nd- I'm cleared to boat and do easy hikes. I'm not asking twice.

I launch from Bug Light Park, Portland. A sign says no overnight parking without prior approval. Oops. But I don't get ticketed, maybe because it's so late in the season. I cross Casco Bay in glassy water, hike, then anchor for the night in Long Cove, Harpswell Sound. I'm so glad to be back in the great big outdoors!

Hiking- Cliff Trail and Devils Back Trails in Harpswell. Devils Back Trails are really nice, pine forest with constant water views. But my favorite spot is a trail through golden bittersweet on Little Chebeague Island on the way back to Portland.

Kiting Spots- I see nothing enticing in my entire trip. It's mostly pine trees and rocks, hilly, rugged and beautiful, but very few sandy beaches. Lots of islands close to each other to disrupt the wind. Between Little and Great Chebeague Islands are some sand bars at dead low that could be fun in the right wind direction. Might be gusty though. Note- some areas in Casco Bay are completely filled with lobster pot buoys.

2 days, 50 miles round trip, 4 to 5 gallons of gas, averaging about 20 MPH, zero wind. I'm sure my gas milage would go down in rougher water because I would have to constantly adjust speed to smooth out the waves.