Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's All About the First 10 Minutes

It's nice to start off a hike on a beautiful Winter morning feeling strong, confident, youthful. Well, the strong youthful feelings lasts until I hit the first incline but it feels great for those first 10 seconds.

Temp mostly in the 20's F, high temp close to 30. No wind. Perfect Winter hiking conditions. This hike has 2 1/2 miles above timberline along the Franconia Notch ridge between Lafayette and Lincoln. One of the nicest hikes I've done, in some of the best weather for doing it.

Alright, I'm ready for some beach weather and kiting next weekend!

Hiked, Mt Lafeyette, Mt Linclon, loop route. Solo. 9 Miles. 8 Hours.