Saturday, November 21, 2015

Woo Who?

Woo is a digital device that attaches to your board and measures the height of your jumps. Tyler slapped one on my board and said Go Kite! I kited. I jumped. I didn't break any records. But I did have a really nice session and it's great to have a record of all that fun. Highest jump 19.2 ft. Funny, it felt like 19.3.

Sandwich Sunrise
Kitesurfed, Sandwich Town Neck Beach, NNE, NE, 14-26, Mako150/12 M Rally, with Tyler, Kitermike. 

I've had some good sessions in the last month, including one at the Mill Creek Marsh, (between Cockle Cove and Forest Beach), on an astronomical high tide in S wind, perfect.