Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Well Suited

Fall is here. Wind is back. Summer doldrums are nothing but a very bad, no good, terrible memory.

I've had a few sessions since August- Hardings, Nahant, Duxbury, Yirrell, West Island, Horseneck. But there are more skunks in that list than I'd like to believe.

All it takes to make a kiter look forward to the Winter is having a new drysuit arrive in the mail! Kokatat. I'm going to put their lifetime guarantee to the test.



Ledbetter said...

I'm also in the market for a drysuit, in my case for windsurfing. I've narrowed down my selection to kokatat and the ocean rodeo soul. Was Kokatat's warranty the main deciding factor over a similar drysuit?

scooper said...

Ledbetter- The Ocean Rodeo Ignite was my second choice, (like Soul but with attached socks). I even tried on the Soul to see how it fit and felt. The 2 reasons I decided on the Kokatat-
1. The lifetime guarantee and reports of great customer service.
2. A friend of mine has the Soul and says the jacket is kind of gimmicky, just gets in the way. I was concerned that it might be harder to swim in than the Kokatat.

But the Kokatat looks dorky. I think the Soul looks great. Good Luck!