Saturday, January 18, 2014

Birds of a Feather.

It's stormy, rainy, windy, snowing in Boston. A good day to be at the beach.

The main attraction at West Dennis is a Snowy Owl that's snoozing in the dunes. Everybody's so excited to see him. He seems bored.

I take some photos, paying my respects from one bird of prey to another.  Then I put up a kite, spread my wings, and set off across the water looking for what I need to sustain myself.

West Dennis, Kitesurfed, 16-24, SE, SSE, 14M & 10M Rally, With Frank, Andrey, Colleen, Chriz, Sam. 


marie said...

Dude! Do you have any idea how much time I have spent trying to photograph a Snowy Owl? And you just got the most gorgeous picture on the side. Nice! I should check in more often - I miss reading your blog!

scooper said...

Marie- Hey, it's good to hear from you.

Yeah, I thought I was going to miss my kiting session cause I spent so long shooting pics of this owl that just happened to be there. This is the Winter for Snowy Owls. Good Luck!