Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Honor among Kiters

I have a nice kite session at Mayflower before the wind dies. Now I'm in the Chapin parking lot sleazing some of Johnny's teriyaki steak tips, grilled in the Magic Bus, that smell better than anything can possibly smell. I'm not going to say how good they taste. You'll have to use your imagination. They add a few years to my life though.

I eat, socialize, recharge. I'm ready for more action. The wind is light. A few of us rig big. The smarter kiters just watch.

Jean says he'll be the sacrificial lamb. He'll leave so the wind picks up. It works! Not long after he leaves, I have to depower my 17M kite. Sandie has to depower her 12M kite. Yee Hah! I kite until my legs start to cramp.

Of course, you might think that I would say the wind picked up whether it did or not. And you would be right. There is no honor among kiters. But it really did pick up. I could have switched to my 6M. Really.

Mayflower, Kitesurfed, WNW, 15-23, 10M Rally/Mako 150.
Chapin, Kitesurfed, W, 10-20, 17M Fat Lady/6' Surfboard/Flx138. 

Picture- Riders on the Magic Bus.


kitermike said...

Great thing about kiting is the comradery...certainly exemplified by these guys!

Dunoyer said...

i have the ikitesurf graphs to prove you are lying

scooper said...

Mike- Yeah, we're lucky to have such a great kiting community here! These guys are a big part of that happening.

Jean- Alright, maybe it wasn't strong enough for my 6M kite. I probably could have managed with my 8M.