Saturday, August 10, 2013

All is Fair in Kiting

This Week- Josh and I got 2 weekday sessions after work, Deer Island, Revere, now we're driving all over the Cape with Paige chasing wind. We finally find it, West Dennis, WSW to W, sideshore coming across land, gusty as stink, dead high tide.

This is not an easy launch. Josh is in the water trying to launch the kite, looking for a shallow spot to stand. I have to hold the kite in the dunes. It's not pretty. The kite rolls once and I chase it. No harm done. The second time it goes up. I see the same thing happen to 2 other people. Some kiters decide to wait for the tide to go out.

The meter reads 13-30. Josh is riding 14M fully depowered, way out deep, when the depower rope pops out of the cleat in a gust, slams him. No fun. He makes it back on his own though.

We put up a 9m and it's perfect for awhile, especially out past the breakwater where the wind is stronger and cleaner. Josh and I take turns on it. It's great.

Learners Report
Josh- I can't believe Josh got his first full rides just last weekend. Really?! This week he learned to carve to toeside, stay upwind toeside, pop little jumps, and manage these stupid conditions. It's not fair.

Paige- is a trooper with our craziness today. 3 beaches and we never find the right conditions for her body drag lesson. You can't learn to kite if you never get on the water. Next time. I hope.