Saturday, February 16, 2013

Late Bird Gets the Worm

This session is a nice surprise. Yee Haw! Squeezed in between Ben's track meet and a drizzly Winter sunset. Brad and I are both thrilled that the wind comes up just in time and Mayflower provides a much nicer playground than expected. Temp is a balmy 36F!

The parking lot at Mayflower is chained so we park on the road.  There is a little erosion to the dunes from Winter storm Nemo, not too bad.

We start late, so we kite late. I can't see much by the time we get off the water.

I've been wondering if I could open up the larks head knots and detach my lines by feel. I've only undone those knots a few thousand times since I started kiting.

It's a little slow in the dark but doable. From now on I'm going to close my eyes when I pack up my gear. If I get good at doing it by feel, I can kite all night!

Mayflower, Kitesurfed, N, 10-22, 14M Rally/Mako150/Caution 6' Surfboard, With Brad.