Saturday, January 19, 2013


Horseneck Beach is wild today. Lots of blowing sand. My face gets some much needed exfoliation walking to the water.

Waves are a little overhead. We make the mistake of launching at the state beach. Too much whitewater, wind is too onshore. We can get to the outside but it's a lot of work each time. I kite upwind to the town beach, where kiters in the know go in SW. Conditions are much better here. Lesson learned, (relearned actually).

Late in the day the wind drops so I go out for a few runs without my board. I want to practice duck diving and bodysurfing with just my kite. Damn, the water is cold this time of year! I had no idea. Every wave I dive under gives my brain pins and needles. I get some good insight into duck diving and bodysurfing though. Namely that I want to avoid them at all costs in the Winter.

Horseneck, Kitesurfed, SW, 25-38, 6M RPM/Mako150, with Brad, Walter, Jonathan, Skyrocket, Others.


Dunoyer said...

I went on Sunday, it was gorgeous. Used the 5.5, had to remove my hood to let off steam on occasion, waves curled nicely. I stopped parking at the Town Lot when they wrote us a ticket back in September. I got the courage up to park there again this time, it is a sweeter spot to be sure, especially if you like dogs.

scooper said...

What a weeknd! It sounds like really took advantage of it.

I hadn't heard about your parking ticket. Scary. I hope it's safer in the Winter.

Dunoyer said...

Seems like a simple trick for local government to generate revenue. Little do they know it also alienates visitors who may otherwise hang out and spend money at the bar. I have been ticketed twice now in beautiful Westport Mass, a place I consider my home break. Nice, huh?

scooper said...

I know! Sorry to hear about it. Great Whites drove me out of The Cut. Now parking tickets are biting us at Horseneck. There are sharks everywhere.