Friday, November 11, 2011

Another day, another downwinder

Prepping for adventure

This was a partial rerun of last weekends downwinder but in reverse, with a deeper tide, and a bigger crew. Same beautiful coast. Same fun.

We didn't get the tidal pools and speed trenches of last time cause the tide was high to mid. It was more about wave riding and bashing with an ever changing line up of different wave angles, shapes, and sizes. I bashed some waves. Some waves bashed me. I'll call it even.

Brian made the sacrifice of volunteering his car for the return run from Paine's Creek. We stuffed 5 dripping guys and all of our kite gear in his SUV, boards sticking out of windows and sun roof, elbows and knees digging into ribs. It's all fun and laughs until somebody farts. Sorry Brian. I hope the smell dissipates someday. Another great adventure! 6 miles. 2 1/2 hours.

Downwinder, Mayflower to Paine's Creek, WNW, W, 17-37, 10M Rally/Mako150, with Brad, Brian, Walter, Jean.


Dunoyer said...

What a gas!

scooper said...

Dunoy- nice choice of words.