Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello Martha's Vinyard

Unloading a few toys at Katama Bay

I knew something was wrong. We had 30 people going to Martha's Vineyard for 3 days of kiting and camping and the forecast was for nearly perfect weather- blue skies, warm temps, windy... For 3 days in a row. It was like reverse Murphy's law. Whatever can go right will, and at the best possible time.

So, of course, I'm waiting for something bad to happen to mess it up.

Saturday is great! Great weather, secluded barrier beach, kiting inside in flats, outside in waves, or in the tidal inlet. Everyone is completely psyched to be here, pulling off their best crashes right next to the beach in the offshore winds. Nice dinner and bull session around the campfire apres kite.

Incoming! Johnny D covers his head to avoid getting a haircut

Sunday is great! Repeat of Sat. This is making me nervous. I do some pain free backroll practise in the shallows. Upwinder in the bay, walk over to the oceanside for a downwinder to the inlet, upwinder in the bay back to where I started, good company, so fun.

We counted 19 people on and in the truck for the 4 x 4 ride out to the launch.

Monday starts great! Then the wind gets flukey. Ahh, now I feel better. I could stop worrying about a natural disaster striking us. Although flukey wind is pretty bad, at least it's a disaster I'm familiar with. We all get some water time to stretch our tired muscles.

Note: Click on pics to see full size.

I like the way Dunoyer summed up the trip, "those sweeping views of sand, sea and birds will stick with me for at least another year..." I hope so.

Thanks to Eric F for bravely leading 30 crazed kiters to a salty canvas waiting to be painted with kite tracks and rooster tails.

Martha's Vineyard- Katama Bay, kitesurfed 3 days, 8-28, SW, SSW, 13M Octane/Mako 150 & 6' Surfboard, with Masskiting, others.


Dunoyer said...

Steve, you were fearless with that vehicle. Did it ever work that hard building houses? It was so great spending the weekend with you - your can do attitude, your fruity pancakes, and your enthusiasm is a treasure to be mined

scooper said...

Hey, I faltered a little with the boat on the roof idea until it made sense to me. It was all pretty funny. Great company, from your warm welcome the minute we arrived to doing downwinders and sharing those glassy coves.

I hope you're back on the water, as good as new, sooner rather than later!

Dunoyer said...

kited 3 sessions this weekend, so I am back better than ever! Next time we'll put your truck on top of the boat!

scooper said...

I'm so glad you had a lightening quick recovery! The kite world is back in balance.