Friday, August 12, 2011

Staycation # 2

Slept in the back of my truck overnight in a parking lot in Falmouth, pretty comfy! Some say this is crazy and stupid, acting like a teenager. I say it's good harmless fun and saves $ on campground fees. You decide.

Rode the Shining Sea Bike Path end to end. 20 miles is a perfect length for taking it easy, getting lunch in Woods Hole, exploring some side streets, seeing Nobska light. It's a very nice path, good amenities. The Woods Hole end has the nicest views.

Then I drove back towards Boston, stopped to paddle out to The Sand Spit at the mouth of the North River in Scituate. I immediately bonded with this stunning tidal seascape. Who knew that Scituate was so beautiful! The spit is a 1/2 mile of sand bars and pools that become exposed at low tide, flanked by ocean waves, 3 river outlets, cliffs, miles of tidal marsh and meandering channels. At high tide the waves wash right across the sand bar into the rivers.

Don't think for a minute that I have a 1 track mind but I've gotta come back here to kite in NE! Probably the best way is to boat out from the Driftway boat ramp. And better offseason than in because it draws a big boating and kayaking crowd.

I felt totaly relaxed and happy after 2 days of following my heart and going where the wind and sun took me. For a salt-brain like me, exploring the New England coast is just as good as any exotic travel adventure... I think. Almost as good. At least I can take all my toys.