Monday, April 19, 2010

Kiting- Toeside Torture

I was more underpowered than powered today but I had a great time because I was trying a surfboard and having beginners luck with some new moves.

Compared to a windsurfer this thing is tiny

New Moves- my first time riding a surfboard, riding strapless, carving to toeside and back to front, riding toeside, waterstarting toeside. I was also good at crashing while doing all of the above but I don't particularly want to remember that part.

Pretzel Logic- Of all of the new tricks for an old fart, it was riding toeside that felt the strangest. It was very confusing. I was backwards, standing on my toes, facing the wrong way, my body twisted up like a pretzel, and hiked out over the water with all my weight on the kite and nothing on the board. One little twitch and I was going to explode into a crash, which I did but not all the time. This was great fun.

How do you like the surfboard? Nice of you to ask. I dunno. It took me out of a comfort zone that I didn't know I had. I've been told that kite surfboards feel a lot like a windsurfer so I expected a gliding feeling but it seemed to plow more than that. I tried putting my feet just in front of the straps to get the board to flatten out but I think it just rides like that. It's pretty small. This baby does great in waves though! There is no way that nose is going to pearl.

Make a Surfboard? My idea with the surfboard was to try it and, if I like it, make one as close as possible to the original. I'm sure I'm way overestimating my surfboard building potential but maybe I'll have more beginners luck.

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