Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hardings, Windsurfed, W, 12-27, mostly solo, 5.2/RW85 then 5.7/Acid 94, on water from 9:30-3:00, temp 39-43.

Hardings Beach- Nice bumps.

Loop shenanigans; O.K. I had a good week and I still went for some loop attempts, just not as many as last week. I had one where I came all the way around, landed on my back, almost in a water start position. I thought hey, maybe I can really do this! Then I realized that my board didn't come with me. I guess I forgot to wear it like a glove. It was all pretty painless, once again, which means more attempts are probably in my future. Unless I come to my senses before then.
Hardings; There were some curvaceous little bumps at dead low tide, great for jumping and loop messing around. As the tide came in, the bumps flattened out, looked more like lumpy mashed potatoes with gravy. Decent ramps became hard to come by, although it was still bumpier than Kalmus. Lobster hands; I used the warm-water-in-the-cooler-trick for my hands. It kept them a nice pink color. White fingers aren't pretty. It's definitely the quickest way I've found to revive withering digits. Next time I'll bring a thermos with some hot water to replenish the cooler, (the warmer?), as needed.

Bottom Pictures; Entertainment in the parking lot provided by James Lamb- riding,

Jeff Brown- Remote sailing. I've been told that this model holds the surface record on ice, 39.3 MPH!


Jean Dunoyer said...


Best kiting session to date for me was at Hardings, day break on Labor Day. Went all around Monomoy, even walked across the dunes to check out the seals on the ocean side. The bird life was amazing. I stared at high tide and kited the mud flats, then when I came back to hardings, some nice waves had set up, like you were describing -- quite a magical spot!