Saturday, February 24, 2007

2/17 to 2/24, Vail, Skiied, Barb, Josh, Ben, Ruth

Powder = Windsurfing; The highlight of the trip was 6” of light and fluffy snow that fell overnight mid-week. The next day was sunny and beautiful in the back bowls! I felt like I could ski almost anything on the mountain with ease. I decided that a powder day skiing is almost as good as a day of windsurfing. Ruth, at 83, was an inspiration. She took it easy and stopped early on some days but skied fine. Whenever I feel like I’m getting too old for these demanding sports or that my best days are behind me I remind myself that she is 37 years older than me and she hasn’t given up her passion for skiing yet. I should still have a few good days left. Josh and Ben loved the ski school, as usual. Ben was level 8 ½, Josh was level 9. They were both popping 180’s off of little jumps in the terrain park by the end. Josh is carving high speed turns better than the rest of us. Barbara’s knees were bothering her but her skiing looked as graceful and beautiful as always. Next year bring a humidifier.