Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kalmus, Windsurfed, SW, 22-32, 28-38?, Oliver, 5.2,4.2/Acid 94

Weather etc; Air temp around upper 40’s or 50. My hands were cold with glacier gloves. I switched to O’Neill mittens for about 1 hour. They were toasty but very tiring for my forearms. I switched back to gloves at the end and it felt great to grip the boom again. Switching back and forth may be the best for a cold day.
Wave practice; It was low tide. The little wind waves were breaking in a line on the sand bar. I did a lot of wave sailing practice in those chop waves, turning downwind in both directions. I could easily turn straight downwind, did it over and over, but it was hard to go through the wind to clew first. I was a little overpowered at times with a well downhauled 4.2 but it was fun since I didn’t have much time to sail anyway, (2 hours). Oliver, from the IWindsurf forum, was the only other sailor there. I would have been happier on the Realwind 85, when it picked up, but it is still being repaired. IWindsurf recorded pretty high winds. I’m not sure it was really that strong.