Sunday, December 1, 2013

Making Change

I embrace change. Change is good. I kite West Dennis ocean side, pond side, then over to South Village ocean side, pond side, then back to W Dennis. Dead high tide, mid tide, dead low. I use my surfboard, my Mako, my Flx, my Sawed Off Board. The wind is mostly light and shifty but it's just strong enough to have fun.

Why so many changes in gear and location? It keeps it interesting. No moss is gonna grow on this kiter.

Picture- Kristof playing in the pond. Click for full size.

West Dennis, Kitesurfed, SE, ESE, 10-16, 14M Rally/6'Surfboard,Mako150,Flx138,SawedOff83, with Kristof, Frank, Jamie, Andrey, Colleen, Chris L, Peter, Shane, Noel, Ivan.