Sunday, February 28, 2010

Windsurfing Again, Skunked Again

I didn't kite. I windsurfed. I got skunked. It was good to be skunked on a windsurfer for a change.

Nahant- N to NNW was a perfect wavesailing set up, side to slightly side-off, clean waves with the tops of them blowing back in spray. There were 4 surfers out there. I had enough power to get out thru the line up but not enough to stay upwind or do anything on the waves.

After I came in thru the rocks on the point I ditched my board and plopped the sail on the landboard. The wind and tide were right for wheeling it. It felt good to get cruising on something.

Nahant, Windsurfed, Landboarded, 5-20, NNW, 6.2/ Acid94 & Landboard, Solo, Low Tide.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skunk & Skunk

I went to 2 beaches, flew 2 kites, still got skunked. It was a perfect wind for my 15M foil but that's out for repairs. We can expect light winds until I get my big rig back. Then it's going to blow like there's no tomorrow.

The gate to Waq Bay was closed so we went to a resident's only beach, South Cape Beach. That'll teach em.

Kalmus- had enough wind to fly my 10M kite, barely, not enough to waterstart.

South Cape Beach, Kitesurfed, 8-12, SSW, 12M (leaky) kite/ 152 Ply Board, Frank, Sammy, Andre, Colleen.

Kalmus, Kitesurf attempt, 8-14, SSW, 10M (not leaky) kite/ 152 Ply Board, Solo.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Problems with Kites

All of my kites need work! They're more tempermental than my knees and elbows.

So I didn't have use of my biggest kites today. I went to Dog Beach where I mostly chased diminishing winds with too small kites. I got a few runs in for my effort.

Dog Beach, Kitesurfed, NNW, NW 20-30, 8-20, 7M, 10M/ ply boards, Greg, Den, Sammy.

Picture- Bladder replacement. Don't try this at home. Old bladder with leaks (6 and counting), brand new orange bladder with leaks (1 and counting).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunny Day at Mayflower

Greg, Den, climbing the snow bank

There was a lot of snow on the Cape today. Chapin was locked in with pack ice so the kiting crowd went to Mayflower.

My 12 M kite is still awaiting a new main bladder after a crash in beach grass 2 weeks ago. I was pretty dissapointed to arrive to light winds. But no worries, this was demo day from Air Support! Jay and Greg sent me out on a great 12 M kite and a board that actually has rocker. I told Jay I hadn't been in rough water and would lose his board and float to provincetown but he just pointed to his jet ski, awaiting rescues, and told me to shut up and kite. So I did.

The mini waves & chop were tiring for my legs and sore knee but otherwise were fun and not nearly as hard as I expected. That board just seemed to eat up the rough water. I couldn't believe it. A little rocker makes a big difference! Now I've got to make another board or 2.

I also loved the Vario kite by Airush! It had butter light bar pressure and was very responsive, really fun to fly, and confidence building.

Jay & others

Mayflower, Kitesurfed, W 12-16 start, 15-22 end, 12 M Vario/ Slingshot Misfit136, Greg, Jay, Den, Others.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ski Day

Josh and I got a 1/2 day on the slopes, pretty nice.

He was pushing his limits a little, hitting top speed on his blade skis, then skiing backwards and doing multiple pirouettes at those speeds. It pushed my limits too, as a father, to ski behind him and watch him flying down the mountain backwards without constantly visualizing him crashing. Where does he get this risk taking behavior from?!

It was a lot of fun though, once I relaxed. His 1 crash didn't seem to cause any serious damage.

Skied, Loon Mtn, with Josh.

Picture- Josh models his blades.