Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Cut- High Tide is for Sharks

Beautiful day! I'm at the New Cut. Some Great Whites were spotted near here recently so of course I'm not going to the outside. No way am I going to the outside. Definitely not.

Sam goes to the outside. Now I have to go. I have no choice. You have to watch your kite buddies back. Otherwise they'll get good waves and you'll be sad.

But it's not good. High tide, deep water, tiny waves, the sandbars that create an illusion of safety aren't shallow enough. We hightail it outta there. It's better to live to kite another day.

Shark bait. The wave in the background is where the sandbar is at low tide.

Hardings, Kitesurfed, SW, SSW, 12-20, 12M Rally/Flx 138, with Frank, Sam, Andrey, Colleen.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy with What You Have to be Happy With

Thursday Night- Josh's 4th kite session. High tide, chop, light wind, lots of swimmers- Revere is not user friendly. Josh tries to ride upwind but the wind just falls out. When are we going to get good beginner conditions?! Revere, 8-15 MPH, SE, 17M kite, Mako King. 

Saturday- Not today. Way gusty. The gusts have gusts. Josh does 1 run and gets off the kite. It's even too snotty to get Paige and Darren on the trainer. They man the SUP, Josh windsurfs, I kite, I windsurf. Everyone's happy. I hope. Waq Bay, 10-30MPH, SW, 8M kite/Mako King, 4.2 sail/ Acid 94.

Windsurfing- Hey, this is fun! I'd totally forgotten how great it feels to let it rip on a small sail, strong wind. It feels like I'm just flying across the water! It's also fun to kite while Josh windsurfs. I wonder if I can kite right up to Josh and jump onto his windsurfing board, ride along. That would be fun! If we lived through it.

Thanks to Darren for manning the camera!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Teach Your Family to Kite Week

Who knew that this would be so enjoyble?! Teaching your sons to kite. And your son's girlfriend. I try to get my brother and my wife on a trainer kite too, but the kite police in Essex Bay make us land the kite. Baby plovers are napping in the neighborhood.

Watching everybody get their first rides is a great feeling! About as much fun as riding myself. I love it. Riding with them is going to be really special. Until they get better than me. Then I'll have to go back to windsurfing.

7/6- Ben- Saturday. Ben's first time flying a real kite! Bodydrag lesson, wind dies. 10M, Long Beach, Stratford, Connecticut trip.

7/8- Josh- Monday evening. Josh's second time with a kite, bodydrag practise, first time getting on a board! Wind dies late. 10M, Revere.

7/10- Ben & Josh- Wednesday evening. Ben's first time getting on a board! 14M. Josh gets on a board but wind is too light for the 10M. SSW, 5-15 MPH, Revere.

7/12- Josh & Paige- Friday evening. Paige's first time on a trainer kite. Josh is up and riding with 17M. There's barely enough wind for Josh, even on such a big kite. NE, 5-15 MPH, Revere.

7/13- Saturday. We boat, in Al's boat, into Essex Bay, inside of Cranes Beach. Put up the trainer kite for Al, Barbara, and Paige. We get shut down by a ranger on a 4x4. No kites during plover season. The Plovers own this beach.

What a week!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poor Man's Carribean

Beautiful day! I get high on the turquiose water around Monomoy. The flats, the New Cut, it all looks like a kiter's dreamscape. It's the Carribean of the northern USA.

It doesn't compare with Brazil though.

Hardings to flats and New Cut, Kitesurfed, SW, 12-21, Kahoona13.5 & Rally10/ Mako 150, with lotsa friends.